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Right for You

Get a home on your terms. With me, you start in charge and stay in charge.
Most Canadians choose to refinance. There are great reasons why.
Stay a step ahead and prepare for maturity one year in advance.

Master Your Mortgage

On Autopilot

I work for you, not an institution. That means you’ll always be in control, and I’ll always be there for support. I close quickly, efficiently, and with your goals in mind. Trust me — getting a mortgage doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, with the right plan and proper guidance, the process can be awesome.

Get ready for a simple, stress-free mortgage experience. I find a mortgage to match your lifestyle, negotiating the best rates and terms on your behalf. Let me do the running around so you can prepare for the big move.

Unlike most Toronto mortgage services and nine-to-five banks, my phone’s on day and night. I negotiate at all hours with twenty lending partners, letting me find the best rates and terms for your borrowing needs.

In Control

Refinancing is an excellent way to open doors, gain financial insight, and boost borrowing power. It also helps put money in your pocket today, tomorrow, and down the road.

So, why refinance?

Consolidate Debt: Streamline payments, lower interest rates, and break free from uncertainty.

Invest: use your equity wisely and grow your net worth.

Switch Rates: Save money in the long-term by making the right move at the right time.

Renovate: Update, improve, or expand your home without worrying about costs.

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At the Right Time

Renewing is a must, so make it count. Be prepared and get informed to stay one step ahead of banks. Shopping a renewal is a simple, easy, and ridiculously cost-saving mortgage solution many homeowners choose to neglect.

I know the drill. A bank or lender might “forget” to send you a renewal notice. It’s no surprise, since absent-mindedness is in their interest. Even with warning, many buyers decide to stay with their current lender, thinking the renewal process isn’t worth the effort.

Don’t believe the hype. There are options and opportunities out there, and you can get the best rates by taking action, asking questions, and being confident.

I’ll notify you one year before maturity, giving us plenty of time to plan and acquire the rates and terms that suit your situation. Most Toronto mortgage services don’t bother. I make sure to help every step of the way. That’s the difference.

It's Possible

To Find a Mortgage to Match Your Lifestyle

See how simple arranging, refinancing, and renewing can be.