Who's Buying in Toronto?
First-Time Buyers
Set goals, gain confidence, and get the right deal.
Self-Employed Buyers
Stay true to your vision and acquire on your own terms.

Repeat Buyers
Expertly crafted strategies for educated buyers.
Savvy Investors
Game-changing plans for experienced property stars.

Plans Made With You in Mind

First-Time Buyers

Buying your first home is an emotional experience. Getting your first mortgage doesn’t have to be. I help new families and single professionals make a smooth transition to owning a home by finding them a stable, starting-out mortgage, and supporting them from credit checks to closures.

Every meeting begins with one question: is a mortgage in your best interests? For me, it’s essential to prepare first-time buyers for homeownership, and to make sure they understand the process, from pre-approvals to payment plans.

My patient, thorough approach lets you know the basics of credit, down payments, and taxes. I even propose real-world options, like borrowing from the Bank of Mom and Dad or “marrying” your finances.

Self-Employed Buyers

Don’t let banks box you in. Live life on your own terms with a mortgage that works with you, not for them. I find the best plans for a range of independent professionals — from contractors to painters to web gurus.

Like you, I’m self-employed, and know what it’s like to work all-hours and on-the-go. We play by different rules, and need solutions that suit our ever-shifting schedules.

Banks might consider your way of working a liability, but I know better. Your passion and self-reliance shouldn’t stop you from owning a home with the rates and terms you deserve.

Repeat Buyers

Your life changes, so why should your mortgage stay the same?

Whether you’re sizing up or down, a broker’s your best bet to strengthen your borrowing power. As a repeat buyer, you know the ups and downs of homeownership. Your experience makes you wise, and your equity gives you new options to consider.

So, should you stay with your current lender or move on? If you change lenders, will there be a penalty? How much time do you have between buying and selling?

Together, we’ll go over your priorities, craft a personalized strategy, and make your next mortgage a major success.

Savvy Investors

Know the rules to rule the market. Wise investing takes patience, practice, and an in-the-know broker. Learn how to boost cash flow, lock up deals, and play the property game to your advantage.

Invest in property to build equity, gain capital, and advance your portfolio. We’ll work together to take advantage of Toronto’s incredible property market, being sure to avoid weak, unsound investments.

A finely-tuned, fully-optimized strategy will safeguard your savings. Whether you’re renting or flipping, I’ll give you the advice to profit from your decision.

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Your Goals

Guide My Strategy

Let's make a plan that works for you.