The Broker Way.

Done Differently.

A unique market requires the right attitude.

With a bank, or even with traditional brokers, you’ll hear the same old story about who’s buying, what’s selling, and how to follow the leader. Such cliches lead to a lot of misinformation and missed opportunities.

I’m not your typical broker – which is great, because this isn’t a typical city and these aren’t typical times.

Why Go With a Broker, Not a Bank?

Mortgage Broker Toronto

1. We Rate Shop.
Banks Can't.

First, brokers rate shop. This means we’re able to negotiate with a wide-range of lenders for the best rates possible. We rate shop everything, from pre-approvals to approvals — and for everyone, from first-time buyers to experienced investors.

Can banks rate shop? Not a chance! They’re trapped by their own numbers.

2. We Work for You.
Banks Don't.

Second, we work for you and get paid by lenders. That’s right, there’s absolutely no cost for our service. And since brokers aren’t tied down to an office or institution, we’re available when you need us, where you need us. Brokers do the legwork and heavy lifting, you set the goals and do the dreaming.

3. We're Experts.
Banks Aren't.

Third, mortgages are our entire business. Without doubt, brokers are more knowledgeable, resourceful, and direct than banks. Meet with a bank, and you’ll wait…and wait…and wait, only to be bombarded with a heavy-handed sales pitch.

Set yourself free from corporate gobbledygook and high-pressure tactics. Go the broker way — and you won’t go back.

Get Started.

We're In This Together.

There's a solution right for you.

Toronto is a diverse and exceptional city. We have different backgrounds, different outlooks, and different opinions. So why should we settle for cookie-cutter mortgage plans?

If you’re interested in purchasing a new mortgage, or considering refinancing or renewing an existing one, I can help.