Rate Monitor

One of the greatest advantages of working with me is that I rate shop. Whether it is for a pre-approval or a real approval, self-employed or not, I'm able to go to many lenders at once to see who has what. Recently many lenders have introduced even further reductions in their rates by offering "quick-close" specials for deals that are closing with 30 or 45 days. There are many caveats with these rates, and they're not open to all borrowers. I will try and update this page with what the recent specials and offers. over six months).

A note on rates:

There used to be a time where lenders would compete on rates that did not have limits on when the deals closed. As competition grew, we have now seen a slew of "quick-close" specials, which are usually within 30-days of the application. Furthermore, you may see a rate advertised that has such severe limits placed on it, that it's not in your best interest to take the deal. Example: one bank is offering a 30-day quick-close special 10 basis points lower than the competition - HOWEVER - the deal MUST be insured by CMHC. Another lender has their own version of a low rate BUT the deal cannot exceed 25 years amortization. What we are trying to say is: rate is not everything. You may end up saving by taking 10 points higher but with much more flexible prepayment terms, or a longer amortization may suit your lifestyle. Whatever your need(s) are, speak to us to help you sort through the mess.