Did you know that a great majority of mortgage clients address the issue of refinancing prior to their mortgage coming up for renewal? Over 70% (VALIDATE STAT) have said they are interested in refinancing as an option of freeing up equity from their homes – based on a CMHC study. So what exactly IS refinancing?

Refinancing can happen with your current lender or a new lender. Let us help you discover your options with how and why it may be the right time.

Refinancing can address the following issues:

  • Pay off higher-interest debt
  • Free up cash for purchase of large-ticket items for lower payments
  • Re-invest in your home through renovations
  • Pay for schooling and education
  • Re-invest in the markets if the time is right
  • Flexibility with payments; increased or decreased amortization

Refinancing can help you do all this, and more. Why worry and stress over money issues when the solution is a quick phone call away? We can stay and work with your current lender, or move on to another one for better rates. We work with and help all types of clients, full-time and self-employed. The market is changing fast. Let us help you wade through your options!

“We had over $750 in monthly payments and were at a stressful time in our lives while I was on maternity leave. Jake helped me not only lower my payments and free up cash-flow, but I was able to take advantage of a lower rate at the same time, all without any fees”.
--Malgorzata and Janusz, refinance clients in 2010